Electrical saving tips | Zero-cost ways of saving your electrical bill

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With the rising electrical costs, you'll definitely want to cut down on your electricity. Besides, there are better ways to use your hard-earned money. But saving your energy bill has got a lot to it. Most people will advise you on getting certain devices and energy saving gadgets such as solar panels. Though buying such equipment may work, there are other ways you can cut down your bill without having to spend a dime. You just have to be informed. Here are a few tips on how you can make that happen.

Unplug your appliances

Here's a fun fact; your appliances use up electricity even when in standby mode. That phone charger you have plugged in that is not charging any phone and the TV that stays unwatched overnight could really make a difference in your electrical bill. So check your electrical appliances. Lamps, computers, home theatres all sap your electric current.

If you've got power strips, then you'll be better off, because you won't have to go around the house unplugging unused devices. A power strip is a convenient tool that assists in unplugging multiple devices with the flick of a switch.

Go for cold water

Another zero cost way to take your bill down a notch is to go for cold as opposed to hot water. You could even try taking cold showers. They've got a lot more advantages than hot showers. Cold showers burn fat and even strengthen immunity.

If going for cold showers is not an option, then try keeping your bathing time short. You could also avoid bathtubs as they use more hot water as compared to showers.

Also, try washing your clothes with cold water. They would even last longer. There are plenty of cold water detergents to help you with this.

Clean your condenser coils

Condenser coils are located at the back or underneath your freezer. It's the part of the air conditioning that converts the refrigerant vapour into liquid, thus cooling the interior. Accumulated dust and debris may reduce its inefficiency up to 25%, which makes it work harder to achieve the same temperature levels.

Lower your thermostat setting

Don't increase your thermostat temperatures every time you feel a breeze. Wear a sweater instead. Turn the thermostat all the way down in rooms that are rarely used to conserve energy. For lowering your thermostat 2 degrees, you could save up to 5% of your energy bill.