If You Can Smell Burning Around an Electrical Outlet, What Should You Do?

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Have you ever smelled something burning near an electrical outlet? This can surely send shivers down your spine, as it can be an indication that something's not right in your home's electrical system. Electrical fires are no joke, and they can cause severe damage if left undetected. So, what should you do if you notice this smell at any time?

Switch off the Breaker

First and foremost, you should switch off the main circuit breaker in your home. This is to ensure that the circuit getting overloaded is cut off from the power source. It is vital to do this immediately to prevent potential fires from starting. It's also important to remind everyone in your home to stay away from the outlet and to not touch anything electrical until a professional electrician inspects the source of the burning smell.

Unplugged Devices

Next, you should unplug all the devices that are connected to the electrical outlet. If the smell is coming from an appliance, disconnect it from the outlet immediately. If you find that the smell is still present even after unplugging the device, it could indicate something is wrong with the outlet itself.

Call in the Experts

If the smell persists, don't try to identify the source of the burning smell yourself. Call an experienced electrician as soon as possible to conduct an inspection of your electrical system. A professional will be able to detect the cause and provide the appropriate repair solution before a fire breaks out.

Getting Ready

In the interim, before the electrician arrives, you can open the windows in the room but avoid creating any drafts as this can spread any potential fire hazard. Also, avoid using any water to put out any fire if it occurs, as this can actually make the fire worse.

Preparing for the Future

It's important to be mindful of 'prevention is better than a cure' when it comes to electrical safety. This said you should always ensure your wiring and electrical appliances are properly installed. If you notice any melting or burn marks around electrical outlets, get them fixed immediately.

The Takeaway

Burning smells from an electrical outlet can be distressing to anyone, but it's important to remain calm and act quickly. The most important thing to do is to switch off the main circuit breaker and unplug all the devices connected to the outlet. Don't try to identify the source of the smell. Always call an emergency electrician to inspect your electrical system and have them fix it before a fire can break out. Remember, prevention is always better than a cure when it comes to electrical safety.

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