3 Interesting Questions About Commercial LED Lighting

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LED lighting technology has found a place in a large number of modern commercial applications. Business owners intent on embracing the use of commercial LED lighting technology need to understand what they can do with LED lighting technology around the commercial premises beyond the installation of energy-efficient LED bulbs, and how this can be beneficial to the commercial entity. 

This article provides answers to three questions about commercial LED lighting for the benefit of the above-mentioned category of business owners. 

What Are LED Wallpapers?

LED wallpapers are a relatively new addition to the long line of commercial applications for which LED lighting technology is used.  LED wallpapers allow business entities the opportunity to incorporate subtle sources of LED light into their wallpaper. LED pin spots are commonly used for this purpose.

The LED lights can be used to create intricate patterns with a high aesthetic value right on the office wall. The lights can also be patterned to create business logos (and similar branding tools) associated with the commercial entity. LED wallpapers would be a great addition for offices that handle graphic design and interior design.

The installation of LED wallpapers can transform a regular dull-looking office into a sophisticated and futuristic work environment.

What Is An LED Virtual Sky?

LED Virtual skies are also a relatively new innovation. The virtual sky is created through the installation of ceiling panels into which LED lights have been infused. LED virtual sky panels can be installed across the entire ceiling area of an office or offices.

Inasmuch as virtual sky panels are used in place of traditional roofing materials, their installation is a highly delicate affair. Instead of going for a roofing contractor, affected business owners should seek the services of a commercial electrician. This is because roofing contractors seldom have expertise in matters related to large-scale electrical installations.

Installation of an LED virtual sky may also create the need for professional plumbing services. A plumbing contractor will make necessary adjustments to the commercial roof drainage system so that chances of water getting into contact with the virtually sky panels are reduced (if not eliminated).

Are There Tax Incentives For Any Of The Above Installations?

Installation of LED wallpapers and/ or virtual skies are both large-scale projects. The two projects may qualify a business entity for a research and development tax incentive from the Australian government. Considering that LED virtual skies are a relatively new innovation, installation of the same may be considered a research and development activity.