When to Call an Electrical Specialist for Jobs Around the House

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When it comes to electrical repair and upgrading jobs around the house, it's almost always best to call an electrician to handle the work for you. Electrical wiring should be tested before anything new is plugged into a socket, and unless you have the right type of wiring for appliances and other devices, they can be easily damaged when in use. Note when you want to call a specialist electrician for jobs around the house.

1. Anything involving water and electricity

These jobs may include installing a new dishwasher or hot tub, or a landscaping feature outside that includes a waterfall. The reason you need an electrical specialist is that electricity that runs around water needs to be properly grounded and insulated, to reduce the risk of shock. You also need to ensure that the water lines to these appliances and devices are properly installed and insulated so they don't leak and increase the risk of shock.

2. When upgrading kitchen appliances

Today's home appliances typically offer more features than ever before, which means they may need more power than your old appliances. Running them on outdated wiring can mean wear and tear on the parts, as they try to operate without needed power. Have an electrician test your wiring and circuits to ensure your new appliances are protected, and to have new wiring installed where necessary.

3. If you need to remove insulation

In some homes, insulation has been installed right over electrical wiring. If the wiring has become bare or frayed, it may cling to the insulation. In turn, you may be at risk of shock when you pull at the insulation. The older your home, the greater the risk of bare or frayed wires. Have an electrical specialist check the wiring of your home before you start pulling up insulation so you know if it's safe.

4. When repairing after a flood or fire

As with installing appliances with water, you want to have an electrical specialist perform repairs after a flood to ensure the wires are protected from moisture. It's also good to ensure a specialist repairs or replaces wiring after a fire, so they can ensure that all damaged wires are addressed. It might also be a good time to have your home's wiring upgraded with wires that provide more power to your electrical devices; even if your home doesn't need upgraded wiring now, this will ensure the wiring is in place if you do decide to buy a new dishwasher, television, and so on.