3 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Electrical Wiring

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The electrical demands in most residential properties are steadily increasing as new appliances and digital devices are purchased. It is therefore important to ensure that your electrical system is compatible with the current requirements in your home. If the wiring structure is outdated or limited in terms of power, it is advisable to engage an electrician for an upgrade. This will promote quality performance of attached appliances and devices and also limit potential electrical hazards. Here are three simple ways in which you can carry out convenient and easy electrical upgrades.

Extend a Circuit

The easiest and most expedient way to advance the wiring system is to extend an existing circuit. This is an ideal choice if you are currently relying heavily on your extension cords. These are intended for short-term application because their usage can result in overloading. To extend the circuit, there must be two wires at the service panel and they should be in direct connection with a linked power source.

Switches, lighting fixtures and even receptacles tapped to create this upgrade but one of the wires used must be live and the other neutral. This task can be accomplished with some technical knowledge but there are significant risks when dealing with live wires so consider hiring a residential electrician for the task.

New Circuit

You can install a new circuit in the system if the existing module does not support the current load. This is a handy solution to utilise when you purchase a new appliance which will potentially strain the old circuit. However, it is important for you to ensure that the potential electrical usage does not exceed the established total service rating for your property.

You will need to purchase a branching circuit with proper grounding and then install it in the electrical distribution panel. If your panel with the circuit breakers is already full, this solution may still be viable. You can purchase a two-circuit breaker to replace a single breaker; they will use the same size slot.

New Subpanel

This wiring upgrade solution is more extensive than extending or installing a circuit. The subpanel is essentially a routing station which is connected to your home's primary breaker box. You can have limitless numbers of subpanels but your electrical demands should never exceed the power rating for your property.

To upgrade the system, install a subpanel in the sections where the electricity usage is high. This will allow you to connect branch circuits from subpanels instead of exerting direct strain on the primary panel.

For more tips or assistance, consult local residential electrical installation companies.