Icy Cool | 3 Car Air Conditioning Problems That Simple Repair Can Solve

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Air conditioning is a standard feature that comes with most cars. Car air conditioning is often a vital component of staying comfortable while driving —especially in the sweltering Australian summers. When a problem occurs, some car owners may be advised to consider complete replacement—that's simply not necessary when common car air conditioning problems can be fixed. Here are some common car air conditioning problems that need fixing not replacement.

Low Refrigerant Levels

A low refrigerant level in the car air conditioner is perhaps the most common reason behind a dysfunctional cooling system. A decrease in the refrigerant levels could trigger during the winter season when the air conditioning unit is rarely used. This could result of a leak, which in turn worsens the performance of the car air conditioning unit. Check under your car for any sign of leakage. A car repair service will need to identify the source of the leak and seal it. Once sealed, you'll simply need to refill the refrigerant liquid to optimum levels to get the system properly functional. Check your owner's manual for the recommended refrigerant amount—overfilling will once again decrease the performance of the cooling unit.

Faulty Compressor Mechanism

Your air conditioning system's performance may be compromised by a multitude of mechanic problems like a defective compressor clutch, outdated pressure switches, compressor malfunction and non-working valves. The compressor is a pump that circulates refrigerant through the system—if it stops working, it will drastically affect the cooling performance of your car air conditioning. A mechanical problem with the compressor is best handled by professional car repair services—they may fix the problem in the system or may replace certain parts within the cooling system to restore it back to full functionality.

Soiled Condenser

The refrigerant gets into the condenser as pressurised gas. The condenser modifies and cools the refrigerant vapour until it becomes a high-pressure liquid, which is then expelled from the car to circulate cool air. It works like a radiator to remove heat from the system. If the condenser is soiled with debris or grime, it will start to get blocked. This blocks proper airflow and as a result will not allow cool air to pass out of the system. A car repair service should be able to diagnose and fix this problem by cleaning the condenser—without you having to replace the entire system.

If you think your car air conditioning is faulty, remember that most problems can be solved through simple fixes rather than complete replacement – get the help of reputed car services (such as Allcoast Mobile Auto Electrical) to identify your car cooling problems.